• FeatFood (https://www.featfood.it/) – Coming from Italy, FeatFood is an integrated multichannel operator that produces, sells, and distribute healthy and balanced food to support a diet for a sporty lifestyle. FeatFood products are currently sold online, as well as dedicated channels (ie. fitness centers, gyms).
  • Inspecto – (https://inspecto.io/) – Coming from Israel, Inspecto developed a nanoscale portable device to detect contaminants within commodities. Scanned data are archived on cloud and protected by blockchain.
  • Feedoh – (https://www.feedoh.it/) Coming from Italy, Feedoh produces and sells human-grade food products for pets, using high-quality ingredients and balancing their nutritional properties thanks to a proprietary algorithm.
  • Planetarians (https://www.planetarians.com/) – Coming from the US, Planetarians has a vision that new ingredients can proactively change what we eat. They studied a process to create a low cost, protein-flour extracted from sunflowers seeds.
  • Rise (https://www.riseproducts.co/) – Coming from the US, Rise produces an organic flour for the pastry industry. Their product is nutritious, low cost, and produced by recycling barley seeds.
  • ReOlì (https://reoli.it/) – Coming from Italy, ReOlì produces a spreadable extra-virgin olive oil cream that replaces butter and margarine. Their product is obtained through a patented and innovative production process that enables the oil solidification.
  • Wasteless  (https://www.wasteless.co/) – Coming from Israel, Wasteless uses a scalable AI algorithm to offer a dynamic pricing solution for supermarkets. The algorithm is based on food expiration date thanks to the real-time monitoring of sold items.