Cheers to That! IoT and DIY Solutions at the Smart Kitchen Summit

The international food community is full of passionate and enthusiastic people who love talking about and tasting new foods. However, not all of us are natural born chefs, and even the most experienced among us could always use a helping hand in the kitchen. Luckily, the Smart Kitchen Summit is filled with the latest technology to make better kitchens and better food, and Foodfoward made sure not to miss it.

Michael Wolf created the Smart Kitchen Summit in 2015 to bring people from culinary, production, retail, and tech backgrounds together for a conversation about the future. In just a few years, the SKS has become one of the the leading events to find how where cooking is headed, what our kitchens will look like, and what they’ll be able to do for us.

The SKS travels through the US, Japan and Europe, and FoodTech Accelerator attended the European leg, held in Dublin in June. The gathering started in typical Irish fashion at the beautiful Guinness Storehouse, the museum that recounts the history of the famous beer. This was a perfect opportunity for attendees to meet ahead of the pitches that were scheduled for the following day. As people gathered among pints they discussed their ideas in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere for which Ireland is so well known.

The Smart Kitchen Summit is an important opportunity to better understand how technology can create a bridge between kitchen equipment and the solutions for creating an integrated and ‘smarter’ digital workshop both professionally and in the home. For the next generation of smart kitchens, applications employing IoT and DIY solutions are the main drivers of innovation. Consumers are getting more savvy, and the enormous range of emerging producers means that getting them all to communicate is even more important to getting the most out of your kitchen.

DIY projects allow consumers to build their own smart devices and are a natural complement to IoT concepts for those of us who want to update our tools without breaking the bank. Developing these links is fast becoming one of the hottest sectors in food tech right now, and smart solutions from around the world are changing the way we think about our dinner.

Even large companies like Deliveroo are looking with interest at these trends as ‘dark kitchens’, which exist solely to provide for the food delivery market, could greatly benefit by integrating and connecting food production sites. As large scale production changes to adapt to shifting consumer preferences and a surge in the home delivery market, technologies that bridge the gap between products and the market are more in demand than ever.

FoodTech Accelerator is very interested in projects working on this sector and wants to know more about how innovation can transform our kitchens. If you’re working on a smart solution that can bring products or brands to consumers, apply now to be a part of the FoodTech Accelerator at . We can’t wait to hear from you!

Written by Seeds&Chips

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